What next?

I am having a tango detox. I was trapped, suffocating, unhappy. I paused my tango journey. Stopped where the roads diverged. Where to now? I know where (back to tango bliss and healthy ranting) but not sure exactly how.

This will no doubt be an experimental era with plenty new scenes and experiences to rant about.

So I’m not dead, this won’t be one of those blogs that dies after the avg 2.3 posts. So reader(s), if you’re still with me, I’ll be back soon.


2 Responses to “What next?”

  1. There is a season for all things,
    But your hand in mine lasts forever.
    There is a time to be by yourself,
    Only that you again will crave to connect.
    There is time to war with yourself
    And a time to war with others.
    But dance you must.
    And my arms will embrace you
    When you return as bitchy as ever!

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